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​Boil Bright

This induction heating kettle provides antidotes to planned obsolescence and offers people a sense of care for domestic appliances and the environment. The design mixes a technology and craftor retrospective ethos to build emotional attachments with users. The fundamental feature is explored in recognizing the value of resources “water and electricity” used everyday to boil a kettle. The design constantly reminds us that water and electricity are not free resources through the designed product interaction and controls.

Many domestic appliances are discarded before being worn out. Moreover, research shows 75% of people in the UK overfill their kettles and 40% of people boil their kettles 5 times a day. 

The transparency of the kettle and simple mechanism makes a clear to use and also easily maintainable product. A built in whistle gives audible feedback for boiling and also is a reminder of traditional kettle values. 

The kettle interaction requires a change and learning of new behaviors. The new interaction builds a bond with people and the control and communication of temperature time and cost enables the start of a new intelligent product type.


​Boil Brightでは電気ケトルでは珍しいIHという今日の技術と、クラフトの揺らぎやレトロさが生み出す温かみによる使用者の愛着を結びつけたモノである。もう一つ大切な点は、日常的なお湯を沸かすという行為から改めて、「水と電気」という貴重な資源を再認識するところにある。


Boil Brightの構造の透明化、簡素化は使用方法の明確化とメンテナンスの容易さを導いた。沸騰を知らせる笛の音色は、かつての古き良き薬缶を連想させる。


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