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 The MM series are sustainable projects inspired by Michael Marriott when Masa worked at his studio as intern in 2017. He often comes up with his delicate and genuine products from off-cuts or found objects in skip. Transformed new objects holds a sense of humour and elegance as he understands material attributes and thinks outside of box.

 Masa used off-cuts for MM PEN HOLDER which were left over after Michael's projects. Split solid wood in front gives charm to itself and that makes it unique. The slit between two materials can be used for letters or any paper stuff to be put in.

​material; off-cuts


​ MM PEN HOLDERは彼がプロジェクトで使用した木材の端材を用いた。既に手前の端材は割れてしまっているが、それが表情となっている。二つの端材の間に隙間を設けることで、手紙やメモ用紙などちょっとしたものを挟み込むことができる。

​材料; 端材

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