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 The MM series are sustainable projects inspired by Michael Marriott when Masa worked at his studio as intern in 2017. He often comes up with his delicate and genuine products from off-cuts or found objects in skip. Transformed new objects holds a sense of humour and elegance as he understands material attributes and thinks outside of box.

 MM LAMP was made of stainless strainer as shade which I found in skip and used vinyl records as ballast. The strainer has lots of holes on it so that the light comes through from both top and holes. Each record has appropriated weight and size as lamp's bottom. As a result, MM LAMP becomes a sustainable objects as well as functional. 

​material; found stainless strainer, mild steel bar, off-cuts, vinyl records


​ ゴミ置場に捨ててあったステンレスの湯切り器の簡素な佇まいと表面の多数の穴に興味を持ち、MM LAMPが誕生した。底の部分には適度な重さと大きさがあるレコードを採用したが、結果的にMM LAMP自身がサスティナブルなものとなった。

​材料; 拾ったステンレスの湯切り器、軟鋼板、端材、中古レコード

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