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01.06.2019          Masahiko has been selected as a Gold Winner on                                         European Product Design Award with his "Saddle                                         Seat".
01.05.2019          Masahiko has been selected as a Shortlist on London                                   International Creative Competition with his "Saddle                                      Seat".
01.04.2019          Masahiko has been selected as a Silver Winner on A'                                   DESIGN AWARD & COMPETITION with his "Saddle                                     Seat".
11.12.2018          Masahiko has been selected as a finalist on Spark Design                             Awards with his "Boil Bright".
25.11.2018          Masahiko has bee selected as a finalist onSBID Student                               Design Competition with his "Saddle Seat".
27.07.2018          Masahiko will join 2018 Young Furniture Maker
​                            exhibition on October.
24.07.2018          Masahiko will join Design Junction in London Design                                   Festival in September.
20.07.2018          Dezeen published an article about Saddle Seat 
17.06.2018          LEGO picked me as TOP 3 designers in New Designers.
11.06.2018          Masahiko will show his final two projects at                                                     New Designers.
                        2th-7th July at Business Design Centre, Islignton
​24.04.2018          London international Creative Competition
                            Honourable Mention for my V Stool
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