​in collaboration with John Lewis

partnered with Sergio Di-Trolio

 Tsumiki means building blocks in Japanese. People can use it in many ways as childlen play around with blocks.

Today, people are living their lives differently, some of them live in rented accomodation and move to their place every a few years. They do not spend money and time as people did traditionally. Masa and Sergio designed customizing storage system for these nomadic generation, especially who live in urban small accomodation.

 People can change the way to use evey new accomodation, for instance small two boxes could be stools or baskets as well as storages. 

​material; plywood, sapele, oak

 「TSUMIKI」の名が示すように、積み木で遊ぶようにカスタマイズを楽しめる収納家具である。今日、人々の生活様式は以前のそれとは大きく異なってきている。特に都心部の生活者は居住地を数年ごとに変え、昔のように住まいを購入して重厚な家具を揃えるという様式がなくなりつつある。こうしたノマディックな生活者の移り変わる居住空間に対応したTsumikiは、近年の組み立て式の​粗雑な家具と異なり、John Lewisが考えるロングライフデザインを取り入れた木の質感を楽しめる収納家具である。